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Visual Stress is a term used to describe visual discomfort

Are you Suffering with Visual Stress?

Published: February 2017 | by Ellen Windsor-Crewe

We are a well-established optometry practice based in Newport Shropshire as-well as providing Eye Examinations we have been carrying out Colorimetry Assessments since 1996.

The Intuitive Colorimeter; is an instrument designed to identify the optimum coloured lenses required by some individuals who suffer from photosensitive problems (known scientifically as ‘visual stress’).

What is Visual Stress* ?

Visual Stress is a term used to describe visual discomfort and perceptual distortions in printed text often perceived by people who struggle to read. The condition is estimated to affect approximately 30 % of poor readers and 10 % of the general population to a significant degree .Recent imaging studies suggest that symptoms of visual stress may be caused by a hyper-excitability of the visual cortex of the brain.

This condition is the cause of some cases of migraine and is very often the underlying reason why some individuals struggle to read. Such individuals are often wrongly labelled as ‘dyslexic’.

Dyslexia is an umbrella term for many sensory problems which affect learning. Visual Stress is NOT dyslexia but its symptoms are often confused with dyslexia as they result in poor reading.

Sometimes the problem of visual stress may run concurrently with other specific learning difficulties, but when visual stress is identified and treated then any remaining difficulties associated with learning are easier to deal with.

Coloured lenses are often more useful for particularly light sensitive individuals (who may also suffer headaches) and for copying from the board or from another book.

Thousands of children and adults each year are helped to improve reading using coloured lenses. It is our wish to help as many children/adults as possible to overcome their reading difficulties and to move on educationally.

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Are you Suffering with Visual Stress?

Published: February 2017

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