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featured post » Stress and how to not have ‘Bad’ stress

face map showing how to massage for stress

Stress and how to not have ‘Bad’ stress

author: Karen Woodcock - 06 December 2019

Stress, according to the WHO (World Health Organization), will be by 2020 one of the, if not the biggest, contributor to human morbidity and mortality. Scary prediction.

Now not all stress is bad stress, we have ‘Eustress’ and that is the thing that gets things done and this rises to a peak point of optimum efficiency. It is however when we push past this peak and we run into ‘Distress’, which is damaging to us.

So what does Bad stress do to us?

• At a cognitive level, it affects memory, our ability to judge, our concentration ‘Brain fog’, indecision, self doubt (I am certain of the last one)
• At an emotional level, it causes or contributes to, overwhelm, panic, anxiety, catastrophization, depression and low moods, fatalistic thinking, cynicism, frustration and anger
• At a physical level, High blood pressure, chest pains, rapid pulse, skin disorders, pain (emotional and physical), depressed immune system leading to illness, coughs and colds etc
• Stress causes inflammation, and most illness has a start point of inflammation.

• At a behavioral level, sleeping too little or too much, feeling demotivated, loss of humour, moving into isolation, self medication with addictions, food, caffeine, alcohol, smoking, recreational and hard drugs, prescribed drugs and their side effects

None of the above is good for you…agree?

However rather than focus, as so many do, on the problem, I’d like to offer you a solution to stress and how to choose, if you decide to, to never have to be inappropriately stressed again. Up for it? Do the exercise show below. That’s it, simple.

Using the Lemniscate pattern on the forehead for a count of 20-30 seconds. What is happening is by stimulating the ‘third eye’ point we are activating both the pituitary gland and the pineal gland, which will result in Oxytocin being released. Oxytocin is ‘the’ antidote to ‘Cortisol’ the stress chemical and cancels it out immediately. This is one of the most powerful techniques I have discovered to maintain a stress free life. The technique is simple and as such both we, and our clients have no excuse not to apply it. Simple gets done... The technique is illustrated above.

This exercise will be the first element of our forthcoming App, designed to handle many areas of Mental Health issues.

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Stress and how to not have ‘Bad’ stress

Author Karen Woodcock
Published 06 December 2019

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