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john goodier is the old fellar

That Old Feller’s 28-Day Challenge

author: Goodier - 26 November 2020


Are you fed up? Feeling anxious? If so, a Newport man’s new book might help. “That Old Feller’s 28-Day Challenge” is a self-help programme for anyone suffering from mild anxiety and/or depression.

The Old Feller in question is John Goodier, and he is in fact a young lad of only 69. The challenge doesn’t ask readers to think about why they’re not feeling great. Instead, John wants them to focus on some of their habits and one by one to start to change the ones that need changing. His subtitle says it all: “Healthier Habits for a Happier Life”.

The programme covers diet, exercise, rest, relaxation and activities. “All my ideas are fairly simple,” says John, “and based on my own experiences. I’ve suffered from low-level anxiety and depression for decades. I’ve coped, and had a lot of fun too, but it’s been a struggle. These days life feels good but for a long time it didn’t. Looking back I can see that I only started to feel better when I began to develop new habits. Now I’d like other people to benefit from what I’ve picked up along the way. I just ask readers to try all my suggestions – two tasks a day for four weeks – and see which ones they find helpful.”

John’s approach is friendly and encouraging and the programme moves in small steps from very easy tasks, such as taking a walk, to some that readers might find really challenging, like deciding how to tackle one of their bad habits.

The book becomes a record of your progress as you work through it. “Writing down a few words about how the tasks worked for you will help you to make good practical decisions. Once you’ve written them down, those decisions should seem more real and solid to you; and looking back over notes and thoughts should give you a sense of making progress.”

When they’ve finished, John hopes readers will feel more confident, more in control of their own lives, and simply happier. He’s always tried to help people get more enjoyment out of life, whether as a teacher, an actor or a food producer, and this is just another way of doing it. “It’s especially important during these difficult times,” he says. “As an older person myself I’m very aware of the physical and mental health challenges people are facing at the moment, particularly those who are more isolated.”

As John is not a doctor but just an “old feller” he’s pleased that all four of the doctors he’s asked to read the book have been positive about it. One, a retired G.P., even wrote “I would love to see it in every hospital reception area and G.P. surgery waiting room”.

“That Old Feller’s 28-Day Challenge” is available on Amazon, and at cost price to mental health charities, GPs and other professionals who become concerned about their clients’ mental health. Go to John’s website,, for more details.

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