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dave williams at henshall insurance brokers

On the move? Check the small print

author: Rachel Jones - 22 March 2021

Shropshire home movers have been warned they may be breaking insurance rules if they fail to use a professional removals service.

Dave Williams, from Henshall Insurance Brokers in Newport and Shrewsbury, said it may seem safer and cheaper to hire a van and go it alone, but it could be a really bad decision.

“You need to check whether your contents insurance covers moving property or items temporarily away from home, and using a professional removals firm may be the difference between whether your insurance remains valid or not.

“DIY moves are not generally covered by contents policies and when you consider that around 50% of people choose not to use a removals company, that could be a very expensive mistake to make.”

Dave said if home movers had chosen to put their possessions into storage, some policies may not cover that either.

“Using a professional company is the preferred choice and it’s the best way to safeguard your belongings – you could be putting the entire contents of your house at risk by using one of the many unregulated firms and individuals operating across the country.

“Evidence has shown that in the last 12 months, home movers have had four million items lost, damaged or stolen in transit.

“These figures show that many home owners are turning to the non-regulated sector and taking a chance with their move that is not only unnecessary but that could also prove costly.”

Dave said home movers should take out home insurance for their new property from the day they were due to get the keys, and they should not cancel the policy on their old address until the sale was complete and the move had taken place.

“If the worst happens, and your possessions do get damaged during the move but your insurance does not cover you while your belongings are in transit, you may be able to rely on the insurance offered by the professional removals firm.

“If it’s specified in your removal contract with the company, your items may be covered by Goods in Transit insurance as the vast majority of professional companies should be fully insured so your items will be protected throughout the journey to your new home.

“But check what the contract includes before you commit to booking their services as not all companies will have the same terms and conditions.”


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