A Big Thank You from All About Magazine

All About Magazine started life as a way to promote the local independent businesses, online shops and local events found here on allaboutnewport.co.uk. It offered readers, local editorial in the true sense of the word. Developing each month into a local publication, with an equal balance of advertisers and (non-commercial) editorial, All About Magazine was appreciated by many of its readers. Just ask those that distributed the magazine around the area.

With only two of us running the All About brand, it was clear that a choice had to be made. Looking forward, it is statistics clearing suggest that online search, especially for local businesses, is where the future lies. It is for this reason that we have decided to put all our resources back into the online local business and information portal.

Businesses, shops, events and blogs that feature on this site, already gain a valuable advantage by being part of an online community. A community that features high on page one of Google for many 'Newport Shropshire' related searches. We intend to build on this key advantage by redeveloping the site over the coming year.

Finally, we would like to thank all those that advertised, distributed and contributed to All About Magazine. A huge and sincere thank you to you all.

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