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Palm Oil Free Products Made Locally

author: Karen Woodcock - 10 May 2019

Based in Newport Shropshire Organik Orangutan makes organic palm oil free soap and skincare in their workshop in Meretown. The soaps and skincare are free from Palm oil and all synthetic ingredients. Only using natural unrefined ingredients in their products for their cleansing and moisturising properties.

The soaps are made in small batches using the cold process method, which means each batch can take up to 6 weeks to cure. Every process is done by Rosie (The owner) from the purchasing of Fairtrade organic ingredients to the making of the soaps, to the cutting, curing and wrapping.  Rosie said ‘I grow and dry my own herbs to use in Forest Herb and Forest Explorer. I cook a fresh batch of homegrown carrots for Gentle Bonobo. I use the coffee grounds from a freshly brewed pot of Rainforest Alliance coffee for Forest Scrub. I add luxury organic oils of Jojoba and Wheatgerm oil to Forest Queen.’

The wonderful scents of organic essential oils are blended with care to enhance the scented range. The new skincare range, Roisin, is made with the same loving care for the skin and the environment as her soaps.

When it comes to recycling Rosie also makes sure all products come to you in recyclable, re-usable and home compostable wrapping. Zero waste, nothing to throw away.

Rosie started this creative journey in January 2015, it was to enable her to make her own hand made natural soap after discovering the artificial chemicals and fragrances in soaps and cosmetic products, and the harm it does to our bodies and the environment.  Our skin is our largest organ and we need to take good care of it and be careful what we apply to it.

Organik Orangutan soaps and skincare are naturally enriched with organic oils and butters. Palm oil free, Fair Trade and kind to the environment. Each individual soap has a unique quality of its own that reflects the ingredients used. They are coloured only by natural ingredients which makes them suitable for the most sensitive of skins.

So why no palm oil?

Approximately 90% of the world’s palm oil is been produced in Malaysia and Indonesia. Millions of hectares of forest are being destroyed, this causes serious problems for the environment, animals and people living in the rainforest.

Rosie explained ‘My aim in creating Palm oil free soap and skincare products is to help protect the Rainforests of Sumatra and Borneo and in particular to help save the Orangutan who are in a crisis situation. The Orangutan is one of our closest cousins with 97% human DNA. They are now critically endangered and close to extinction due to a huge loss of habitat, approximately 80%, mainly through deforestation, palm oil plantations, illegal hunting and illegal pet trade. Their habitat is being destroyed and they are hunted and killed for profit for the palm oil in our soaps and biscuits.

I am passionate about producing cosmetics for the market which pamper our delicate skin whilst protecting our precious environment.’

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