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Recycling And Sustainability In Newport Shropshire

newport shropshire sustainability scheme

Working towards a Sustainable Newport

Newport’s Sustainability Mission

Newport’s aim is to increase awareness of the impact we have on our world and help businesses and residents find ways to reduce their environmental impact. By taking simple steps, we can all reduce our impact on the environment and make savings at the same time. If we all find just one thing to change it will start to create a ripple effect.

Newport has over 30 refill (Water) points. Theses are located on the Refill App.

Please find below a list of local business that will recycle your products. All Businesses based in Newport.

  • Duignan Phelps Optometrist - Contact lens blisters foil top and lenses and old glasses
  • What Women Want - Bras
  • Tylers - used batteries domestic
  • Waitrose - Car park - unwanted clothes and shoes and batteries Plus there are also bins for recycling plastic carrier bags and soft plastics
  • Newport Library - pens, biros, felt tips - tipex containers
  • Newport News and Off Lisence - Recycling clothes
  • The Navy Club - Aluminium Cans
  • Ace Computers - Printer ink cartridges
  • Fire Station - recycling clothes - Tetra-pak recycling bin is now in situ on the fire station carpark on Salters Lane

Sustainability Newport

For more information about recycling and sustainability in Newport, please visit;

Get in Touch

If I have missed anyone from the above list, please get in touch. Tel: 07973 385929 or Email:

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4 important facts about recycling

  • Dirty plastics cannot be recycled.
  • Enough plastic bottles are discarded over a year to go around the planet 4 times.
  • More than 90% of our ocean plastics come from just 10 rivers.
  • The largest dumping site of plastics is not a landfill, it is the pacific ocean!

Working towards a Greener Newport

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