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Local School Spreading Positivity Through Social Media

author: Charlotte Bowering - 21 January 2021

At Castle House School, we have been working together to ensure every child receives the education they deserve, whether they are at home, or attending school, due to their parents being a keyworker.

The children have been attending daily online classes, from their year group teachers, along with PE, Spanish, and their weekly LAMDA class, in order to maintain their ability to be active and creative while in uncertain circumstances.

As a school community, we believe it is highly important to highlight how important mental health and wellbeing is, by spreading positivity through our main form of communication whilst in lockdown (Social Media). We are creating social media posts based on different aspects of wellbeing, such as; Self-esteem, happiness, self-growth, manifestation and gratitude, plus many more that will be seen in the upcoming weeks on our Facebook page.

The posts contain the importance of each area, along with the benefits, as well as an interactive question, that allows the parents to feel uplifted and stay connected to the staff at Castle House. As well as this, we are creating weekly competitions for the children to have fun with at home, distract them from the lack of social interaction, and allow them to have some freedom and be creative in a way that they choose.

These competitions include, photography, creative writing, drawing and building exercises from different materials and fabrics.

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