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Newport Food Frenzy 2021

Newport Food Frenzy 2021

25 September 2021 - Newport Shropshire

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September 2021 Newport will be hosting its 6th Fabulous Food Frenzy Event. Whether it’s making food, selling food or simply tasting food, this is sure to be an event you’ll want to be a part of.

The event takes places on Saturday 25th September 2021, 10am to 4- 4.30pm and features a variety of artisan producers from across the West Midlands. Starting at St Mary’s Street leading down to Lower Bar and into the High Street. There are currently over 50 stands bringing a variety of produce. From local meats to wood fire pizza there are several things to get those taste buds tangling, including beers and Gin. .

Organised by a team of volunteers from Newport Town Team the event is in collaboration with local businesses as well as several local sponsors.

Details to be confirmed. 

Local eateries are bringing out all the stops for the occasion and throughout the day will be hosting their own events. Among them are Tabitha’s on Stafford Street who will be offering a ‘BIG BREAKFAST’, New Menu at The Barley, afternoon tea at Tea on the Cobbles, St Mary’s Street, plus many others. All TBC.

To keep up to date with what’s going on or to find out more about whose involved contact 07973 385929

Sausage Rolls, Natyral Honey, meringue, cakes and slices, nuts and fruit, cakes and biscuits Rapeseed Oils, Pizza, pies and pastrie, Chocolate bars & Novelties, chese, cup cake, spicy sauces, flavoured Gins and Prosseco, seasonal vegetables, wines, preserves, cider, Indian and African Street food, Thai food, hog roast, Jams, pickles, uncooled meats, veggie and vegan food, liqures, mead, doughnut, fudge, demonstration, Newport‘s own Bake-off, Music, entertainment and more... 

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