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what's on » WiRE Conference - Optimising & Building your Brand

WiRE Conference - Optimising & Building your Brand

WiRE Conference - Optimising & Building your Brand

25 April 2019 - Newport Shropshire

what's happening on the day

There will be speakers and seminars as usual but we will also be bringing back some elements that we have found successful in the past. We will be introducing our speakers and panel members in the coming week, so please keep an eye on Facebook & Instagram.

Esther, Bryony, Sharne & Helen will be our panel of experts on the day. Covering PR, Online Marketing, Finance and Strategy.

So, why is defining your brand so difficult? Is it because “Brand” means different things to different people? Because they are about feelings (and feelings are complicated!). Is it because highly recognisable brands are used to define what a brand is and that makes us look at our businesses and struggle to find the connection.

There are so many definitions out there, the one we are drawn to is “A brand is simply “a promise”, of quality, service,dependability, excellence, feeling good, nutriton,etc”. Because we all like a little more than just a promise, here is a more scientific definition “An associative memory in the brain of the consumer who connects the brand with a set of attributes, benefits, impressions or emotions.

What does “Brand” mean to you? Whatever your answer, we hope that by the end of the conference you will be better equipped to optimise and build on your brand and take your business forward.

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