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Newport Runners Battling Head to Head

Author | 22 July 2019

There were a lot of Newport head to head battles at last weeks Vic Musgrove Fast 5km Sexarathon race at Telford Town Park. This was race number 5 of 6.

First and fastest runner in for Newport was Robin Guy in 48th position (18:07), Tom Pope wasn't too far behind in 65th place (18:44), David Brown did well to come in at 19:50 (97th position).

Father and son Phil and Will Dolding battled for 109th and 110th place with Will coming over the line first, both came in with a time of 20:15. Next was a battle of the Neils, Neil Fairbrother slightly quicker at 138th (21:25) and Neil Jones at 140th place finishing 3 seconds later (21:28).

The next head to head battle was Paul Hughes and Phil Cross, both coming over the line together at 21:30, 143rd and 144th place respectively.

Darren Hesbrook-Edwards was 154th (21:46) while Emily Pope and Nigel Ingram battled it out for 157th (21:50) and 158th place (21:51) with Emily edging the lead on this one.
Richard Bennett finished in 22 minutes and 11 seconds (166th), 6 seconds later in comes Simon Yap in 172nd place (22:17) followed by Liz Bennett in 186th (22:46).

Phil Link (22:59) just pipped Kirsty Greenhead (23:03) to the finish line in 191st and 193rd place respectively, following close behind them was Stephen Mansbridge in 204th place (23:20), Amy Hughes 214th (23:41) and another head to head battle involving Ralph Humphries and Jo Lutner, Ralph finishing in 24:30 (240th) and Jo finishing the race at 241st place (24:31).

Other Newport finishers were:
258th - Ellen Deighton (25:12)
260th - Steve Cannon (25:14)
294th - Annabelle Montgomery (26:26)
297th - Ollie Stokes (26:40)
327th - Helen Jackson (28:37)
334th - Donna Hesbrook-Edwards (29:05)
362nd - Toni Ireland (30:46)
364th - John Stokes (31:00)
365th - Louise Patterson (31:07)
372nd - Helen Reid (31:33)
398th - Jennifer Williams (33:17)
410th - Aimee Marriot (37:15)
412nd - Hilary Stevenson (37:57)

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