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Newport Cottage Care Centre Celebrating 30 Years

Author | 28 March 2024

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow. On May 4th it is 30 years since Newport Cottage Care Centre opened in the old Cottage Hospital building as a day care facility for the elderly and subsequently for those living with dementia.

We remain very grateful to the Newport League of Friends and their then Chairman Hazel Robinson who purchased the site and set up the Trust which now runs the centre for the benefit of the people of Newport and the surrounding district.

Over the 30 years the Centre has developed and evolved and now offers Elderly care for up to 30 people on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Dementia care for up to 20 people on Tuesday and Thursday. The site also offers a number of other health and social care facilities including the x ray unit and physiotherapy

We are celebrating the 30th anniversary on 4th May with an open day featuring an historical display covering the years of the Day Centre as well as the previous era of the Cottage Hospital.

To that end we are asking for pictures, stories and memories of the place going right back to the opening of the hospital in 1930 and all contributions will be gratefully received. The current clients are involved in preparation of the displays.

As well as looking back over 30 years we are looking forward to try to envisage what elderly care will look like in another 30 years. When you consider that in 1994 most of us did not have easy access to the internet it is hard to imagine what changes might occur between now and 2054.

As a Trust we are currently looking at how the centre can develop to be a hub for aspects of health and social care into the future. We have drawn up some plans for re-development of the building to create more space for care activities to take place and will share these ideas on the day.

It is important that the people of the town have an input into the future of the centre so we see this as a consultation event to share and gather ideas so that we can plan together to continue to provide quality care to the local population.

The event will run from 10am to 2pm on Saturday 4th May with a short speech and cutting of a celebratory cake at 12. Refreshments will be available via local WI volunteers.

Everyone is invited to the celebration and any contributions to the historical display are much welcomed. Please contact Angie Lucas tel. 01952 820893 email

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