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As a growing local business ourselves, we know the importance of working with other local, like-minded businesses. Through continual development, we are able to offer local businesses a search friendly, reliable and affordable online platform from which to promote their products and services. A search for 'Newport Shropshire' places us favourably in Google, the UK's search engine of choice.

Building from this strong platform, we have added new and exciting additions, including a local discount card, and Click & Collect shopping through local independently run online shops. All About Newport Ltd, believe good business practice involves and benefits the community. We strive to be more than a facilitator and aim to work with communities to strengthen them.

online advertising

Online Advertising

It really isn’t about the clicks your display advert gets, but the impression it makes on your audience. What makes a good online advertising campaign?

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business listing

Business Directory

Contact details, product/service keywords, opening times and company logo/photograph for only £10 (inc.VAT) a year. What makes this package unbeatable value?

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online shopping

Online Shops

These days the consumer expects to be able to purchase online at anytime, day or night. Are you missing out? Need a simple, affordable, jargon free solution?

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mylocality card

MyLocality Card

Join 29 local businesses & promote your latest offers through the only dedicated local discount card for Newport Shropshire. How do I opt-in as a Mylocality Partner?

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online blogs


We give you the tools and the freedom to share, educate or promote your business using the powerful medium of blogs. How do you publish your first Blog?

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All About Newport Ltd is an ecommerce and marketing co-operative platform for local Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). We showcase local business products/services online, engage with other SMEs offline and interact with local organisations for community growth. All About Newport Ltd takes a holistic approach of doing business.

We have noticed the struggle that local small business go through. We decided to put our best ideas together to create a NEW and complete online/offline solution for SMEs. So, for all you hardworking, thinkers, creators, makers, dreamers and entrepreneurs in Newport, Shropshire and the surrounding villages we want to complement your effort!

All About... Could this be your Town/Village?

The aim of has always been to create a positive community driven Business and Information portal. One that helps, informs and connects local people and local businesses. With community sourced News, a local Business Directory, Local Discount Card, Online Shops that offer Click & Collect, Community Events, a Free-to-Post What’s on Guide and Jobs’ Directory and Blogs at its heart, it brings together the key elements found in most towns and villages, and places them online in an accessible and search friendly format.

If you’re interested in discussing how this online portal could be adapted to help and inform your local businesses and community, then please contact Karen Woodcock on 07973 385929 or email

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