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Search the local Business Directory for Accountants, Pensions, Financial Advisors, Health & Safety Consultants in Newport Shropshire. Find links for National Business advice centres.

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Links and Information for Newport Shropshire Commercial Property for Sale/Rent, Offices, Warehousing, Industrial Units, Land, Farm Buildings, Start-up units. Shops and Retail units.

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Find local Motor Dealers selling New and Used Vehicles in Newport. Plus Motor Trades offering MOT Services, Tyres and Car Parts. Everything you need to keep your vehicle on the road, can be found here in Newport.

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Business Features

Autotech Performance Ltd - 01952 228822

The People behind Autotech Performance

Published: November 2015 | by Autotech Performance Ltd

Brett Eggar had been involved in the manufacturing and restoration of vehicles from an early age by building his first AC Cobra replica with his father in the late 80’s.

Brett (pictured above), completed his diploma in motor engineering, then went onto complete an apprenticeship in motor mechanics.

Whilst working in the...Read this Feature

Autotech Performance Ltd - 01952 228822

The People Behind AutoTech Performance

Published: October 2015 | by Autotech Performance Ltd

Having left school in 1989 Leigh Delacoe joined the British Army as a 16 year old Junior Leader. His chosen trade was as a Vehicle Technician in the RAOC.

Once turned 17 he passed his driving licence, which allowed him to drive and maintain a vast selection of military vehicles over his 23 year military career. In 1991 Leigh decided to...Read this Feature

Autotech Performance Ltd - 01952 228822

Autotech put on a great show

Published: August 2015 | by Autotech Performance Ltd

Is it just us or does Newport Show get better every year? The weather certainly helped but it’s fantastic to be part of such a great event which showcases the best of what Newport and the surrounding area has to offer.

The Autotech Performance stand was our busiest ever - maybe in part to the fact we had an Aston Martin Volante, a...Read this Feature

Autotech Performance Ltd - 01952 228822

Autotech's Summer Road Trip Top Tips

Published: July 2015 | by Autotech Performance Ltd

If the weathermen are to be believed, this summer will be the warmest on record. But as you fill up your car and head to the coast it’s worth thinking about measures you can take to ensure your motoring is trouble-free.

At Autotech Performance in Telford we spend our lives looking after all manner of luxury and high-end cars,...Read this Feature

Terry Jones Solicitors - 01952 810307

A Shropshire Solicitor

Published: May 2015 | by Terry Jones Solicitors

By Peter Wilson of Terry Jones Solicitors 01952 297979. My grandparents moved to Newport just after the First World War and from then until the late 1980’s there was a Wilson’s shop in the High Street that some of you may recall, the wide selection of sweets being a particular favourite with children.

After I had qualified I...Read this Feature

LB Health and Safety - 07790 245393

It isn’t just the desert where dust is a problem!

Published: March 2015 | by Laurence Bennett

Dusts generated during work activities although well-known to be hazardous – are often considered to be acceptable because workers are used to them. There used to be a view that if a material was natural e.g. Asbestos and coal dust, then it couldn’t do you any harm. Today we know otherwise and take a different view of these. But,...Read this Feature

LB Health and Safety - 07790 245393

Repetitive Strain Injury

Published: November 2014 | by Laurence Bennett

Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is according to some experts becoming an epidemic and employers need to be aware of the seriousness of the condition and why it affects so many people.

Basically RSI, as the name implies, is caused by performing the same action over and over again and as a result using (and straining ) the same muscles. In...Read this Feature

Terry Jones Solicitors - 01952 810307

Excellence in Law

Published: October 2014 | by Terry Jones Solicitors

Welcome to Terry Jones Solicitors, we are a Shropshire based law firm, established in 2000. We have achieved the Law Society Lexcel Standard of Quality and Excellence award and are accredited with the Law Society Conveyancing Quality Scheme.

Our office in Newport town centre has been actively serving Newport and all surrounding areas...Read this Feature

Autotech Performance Ltd - 01952 228822

Autotech Performance

Published: October 2014 | by Autotech Performance Ltd

At Autotech Performance, we understand how much you value your luxury car, and we know how important it is to take good care of it with regular servicing.

We have over thirty years of expertise in servicing and maintaining all types of luxury and high end cars, including BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Aston Martin and Bentley. Purchasing a...Read this Feature

Henshalls Insurance Brokers - 01952 820358

Insurance Experts take Pride in their Work

Published: October 2014 | by Henshalls Insurance Brokers

Henshalls is a Newport business, employing locally-based people, and we’re proud of our roots. Our office has been right at the heart of the High Street in Newport for over 40 years, and we believe we’re right at the heart of the local community too.

Putting other people first is one of the key cornerstones of the way we do...Read this Feature

LB Health and Safety - 07790 245393

Lone Working

Published: September 2014 | by Laurence Bennett

British health and safety legislation does not contain a definition of ‘lone working’, a term that means ‘working alone’; however, there is general acceptance that it means working in an area, or in circumstances, where there are no other workers present. Thus, in the event of an emergency there is no one to give...Read this Feature

LB Health and Safety - 07790 245393

First Aid Skills Can Help Save Lives

Published: July 2014 | by Laurence Bennett

Most businesses will be aware of the need to appoint a trained first aider – but how many actually do is open to debate. However, under The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 (amended October 2009to remove the requirement for the HSE to approve first aid training and qualifications) employers have a legal obligation to train...Read this Feature

LB Health and Safety - 07790 245393

There's no smoke without fire

Published: June 2014 | by Laurence Bennett

There’s no smoke without fire- and it’s the smoke that’s likely to get you!

In 2011/12 there were 7,300 fires in buildings other than houses and the most common identified cause of death from a fire incident was being overcome by smoke or gas, or toxic fumes – 130 people died, about a third of all...Read this Feature

LB Health and Safety - 07790 245393

Health and Safety - A Bonfire of Regulations?

Published: May 2014 | by Laurence Bennett

As a result of the many ‘red tape’ concerns raised by businesses, the government has made some changes to health and safety rules under the wide-ranging Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013. Under the new Act, around 89 per cent of health and safety regulations are (allegedly) to be either “scrapped or improved” as...Read this Feature

LB Health and Safety - 07790 245393

Complacency - No 1 Enemy of Health and Safety

Published: March 2014 | by Laurence Bennett

The number 1 enemy in Health and Safety is complacency – there is a common belief that if an accident, or other mishap, hasn’t happened in the past, then it won’t happen in the future. To put it another way, we believe that an accident-free history is a guarantee for the future. There are numerousHSE accident reports that...Read this Feature

Spoton Business Improvement Service - 07966 458619

What is Marketing? How can marketing help me sell more?

Published: September 2013 | by Karen Woodcock

There are many explanations and every marketer could have their own interpretation!

So: Here’s mine (I like simple explanations).

‘The process through which goods and services move from concept to the customer. Including the coordination of my 8 P's of marketing’.

I Believe there are now "8P"'s that...Read this Feature

LB Health and Safety - 07790 245393

It's too Darned Hot...

Published: August 2013 | by Laurence Bennett

The last time that I commented on workplace temperatures it was because we had a cold snap. Now we have the other extreme – a heat wave (well, it was, when I wrote this article!)

So, what do workplaces do when the going gets really tough and it’s too hot to work?

The latest news on this current hot topic is that many...Read this Feature

Spoton Business Improvement Service - 07966 458619

9 Tips when considering Email Marketing

Published: June 2013 | by Karen Woodcock

Email marketing can be a fantastic resource to direct a commercial message to a group or groups of people using email. Really, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. Email marketing is normally used to send ads, request business, solicit sales or donations, promote a new product or special offer...Read this Feature

LB Health and Safety - 07790 245393

Risk Assessments

Published: June 2013 | by Laurence Bennett

This month we are focussing back to the old chestnut of Risk Assessments a vital tool in business management that although vilified in the popular press is nevertheless essential if future problems are to be avoided.

My personal belief is that attitudes to risk are generational – the older a person is the more casual the...Read this Feature

Spoton Business Improvement Service - 07966 458619

Thinking of a new website or updating your old one?

Published: May 2013 | by Karen Woodcock

Get your website wrong and it could cost time and money to put it right. My blog this month looks at a few of the elements that I and the general industry consensus feel help to make a good site and the questions you should consider before and when engaging a website designer/developer to build your first site or redevelop an existing...Read this Feature

LB Health and Safety - 07790 245393

The Computer Generation?

Published: May 2013 | by Laurence Bennett

The use of computers is now so common that no one thinks anything of it – the computer is part of everything we do and so, every day, millions of people spend their working days viewing a monitor. And it doesn’t just stop when the working day ends does it? What do people do when they get home – yes, they regularly start all...Read this Feature

Spoton Business Improvement Service - 07966 458619

6 Simple Tips - How you could Use Video

Published: April 2013 | by Karen Woodcock

Thank you for visiting my blog page and I hope you find the tips below useful.

Most of us will have considered using video at some point, but how and what do we use it for? Below are some examples of how you might use video online:

1. ‘About Us’ page on your site: People relate to people and what...Read this Feature

LB Health and Safety - 07790 245393

Fire Extinguishers

Published: April 2013 | by Laurence Bennett

Fire extinguishers are those red things in the corner that no one pays any attention to – until of course there is a fire! For those of you who’dlike a little bedtime reading and want to know all about Fire Extinguishers,the relevant standard is BS5306 Fire Extinguishing Installations and equipment on premises (7 parts!).But,...Read this Feature

Spoton Business Improvement Service - 07966 458619

Sales and Marketing ...part 2

Published: March 2013 | by Karen Woodcock

Welcome back if you are returning to view the second half of my blog. Hello and welcome if you are new viewer. If you have not read the previous half of this blog please do as it will help overall.

Here we go:

7) PRICING. What is your pricing strategy? Does variable pricing make sense for different markets,...Read this Feature

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