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Gus Hales - #IamSpartaGus

Author | 20 November 2018

After visiting the Gus Hales protest site outside Combat Stress in Newport, Shropshire yesterday. There were two ladies from the general public seated where Gus would normally sit. They said ‘Gus needs to get back to good health and we are asking for support from Veterans, serving personal and the general public to continue with the awareness campaign that Gus has stared to ensure that changes are made for the better.’ There is a lot of talk about mental health at the moment from businesses to government. Gus is asking what about the Veterans that have fought for their country that have survived but are suffering?

Stated on Combat Stress website: ‘Today, we provide our life-changing treatment to veterans from every service and every conflict. On the phone and online. In the community and at our specialist centres.
We offer trauma-focused therapy through our six-week residential Intensive Treatment Programme. Our specialist clinical teams use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

However the only centres on their website are Scotland, Surry (Which is the Head Office and Newport, Shropshire? Newport is Closed as a residential centre.
This begs the question: How many PTSD suffers are out there Unaided?

Latest comment from Gus’s Facebook Page: Camp #iamspartagus has now been set up behind Combat Stress to avoid crowding, literally feed the troops and provide warmth. The chair is still being occupied 24/7 as promised to Gus, we're simply moving larger items to the back for safe keeping and protection from the elements.

Fire wood especially is much appreciated and community spirit is as always welcome.

Thank you to everyone for their support. Please remember together we are strong, divided we fall. Everyone is on the same side, wanting the same thing. Respect each other.

We have been asked to request: Should any business wish to provide a portaloo, there would be many grateful users. Thank you!

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