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news » Sunrise to Sunset Challenge for Newport DRC Runners

ellen deighton and annabel montgomery

Sunrise to Sunset Challenge for Newport DRC Runners

Author | 30 December 2019

After all the festive celebrations, Newport and District Running Club members Annabel Montgomery and Ellen Deighton decided to fit in one last race before the end of the year, taking part in the Sunrise to Sunset Challenge two days after Christmas. The event took place at Shrewsbury Sports Village on a paved cycle track, and involved running around the 1km loop from sunrise (around 8.20am) again and again until sunset, or until the runner’s chosen distance has been completed. Runners could choose between 10k, half marathon, full marathon and ultramarathon distances.

Annabel chose to run the half marathon distance, completing 22 laps and earning the medal to complete her set, as she also ran the half marathon at the Sunset to Sunrise Challenge last month. Ellen ran the ultra distance, staying on the track until sunset just after 4pm, and completing 56 laps in total for her 12th ultramarathon of 2019. Both runners are now looking forward to more races in 2020.

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