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The Gift of Kindness for your door

Author | 24 November 2020

Earlier this year during lockdown, and after seeing so many lovely rainbows round her village of Gnosall, Cathy Walker set about making a few rainbow wreaths in an attempt to raise some funds for the NHS and her local First Responders unit.

This was a huge success and she managed to raise well over £2,000 by donating 50% of the sales proceeds from each one.

However, it became apparent that all other charities were also suffering financially due to the effects of the Covid-19 crisis so she decided to do something about for the charity which is closest to her heart - Katherine House Hospice in Stafford.

As some of you may know - Katharine House Hospice are currently in dire financial straits and need to raise £1million by the end of January, or they may face significant limitations on the precious and valued services they can offer to local people with terminal illnesses. For the last 3 years, and following the passing of her Mum, Pat, in their care, Cathy and her family have been donating to KHH in place of giving gifts at Christmas.

This year Cathy has decided that, instead of just handing over money at Christmas, she would resume making her rainbow wreaths, which are a now widely seen as a powerful symbol of hope for a brighter future.

This time 100% of the proceeds will go directly to KHH, and they will be made entirely at her own cost. The donation of Cathy's time and cost of materials is making this possible.

If you haven't yet bought all your Christmas presents, why not consider buying one (or 2 or 3!) and support KHH at the same time ?

They cost £10 each, are beautifully made, and are lightweight in case you are considering posting them out to friends and family. Cathy lives in Gnosall and they can be collected from her there. She can be reached on 07974 698954 or at

Please consider supporting Katharine House Hospice this year by purchasing a wreath.

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