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fish sculptures made from recycled cans

Majestic Fish Sculptures Made from Recycled Cans

Author | 13 June 2024

Get ready to be amazed! Newport yesterday proudly unveiled three enormous fish sculptures, not crafted from metal or wood,but from recycled beer and soft drink cans!

These sculptures which are a community Effort with Historical Significance a tribute to the town's coat of arms featuring three fish, are a product of a collaborative community art project.

The unveiling ceremony took place on Tuesday, June 11th, 2024, at 1:00 PM, at the junction of High Street and St Mary's Street.

The fish sculptures have been positioned above a raised flowerbed, creating the illusion of them gracefully floating.

This artistic creation not only celebrates the town's artistic spirit but also serves as a historical landmark.

The three-fish emblem on Newport's crest is a reminder of the town's rich history as a thriving fishery.

In medieval times, the abundant rivers and lakes surrounding Newport provided its inhabitants with a bounty of fish, establishing the town's reputation as a major fishery.

This legacy is further highlighted by the fact that Newport was once obligated to supply fish to the court of King Henry I!

Newport Town Council commissioned these sculptures to honor the coronation of King Charles III, solidifying the historical link between Newport and the monarchy.

Last summer, residents actively participated in a series of workshops, creating eco-friendly scales for the sculptures using recycled materials like tin cans.

These individual scales were then used to meticulously cover the sculpture frames, crafted by artist Debbie Todd from Protean Art, a Stafford-based art community.

The unveiling of these magnificent fish sculptures was a momentous occasion. They represent a unique blend of artistic expression, community involvement, and environmental consciousness, all while paying homage to Newport's historical significance as a centre for fishing and its enduring connection to the British monarchy.

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Majestic Fish Sculptures Made from Recycled Cans

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